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Look at AIG Malaysia’s Recent Insurance Offering

Complete Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

Being one of the pioneers of insurance services in Malaysia for over Six decades, AIG serves the Malaysian people by providing quality delivery in terms of best car insurance Malaysia and risk management solutions. From the day the building blocks is set in 1953, AIG’s consistent development lead to gradual growth in their particular network of agents, brokers, and scheme, with now more than 15 offices opened across the country.

AIG knows well that in working with the uncertain future, little is more reassuring than having proper insurance in position. So, they’ve already offered different packages that are capable of servicing both companies’ and individuals’ needs.

When acquiring assets along the lines of homes and cars, the authority renders insurance purchase mandatory to make sure that the citizen can look after themselves during incidents. Generally, if the customers choose to obtain the car of property insurance from AIG, they’re going to be able to enjoy maximum coverage from common risks with the appropriate premium.

AIG Malaysia

Nevertheless, to protect one’s well being could be the ultimate necessity. For this, AIG and it is agents have been working hard to increase understanding of the value of health insurance coverage. This effort appears to be fruitful being the statistics of health insurance coverage and private accident insurance subscription continues to be showing great growth.

As a result of the rise of international trading and lower traveling expenses, the Malaysian citizen appears to be travel more for work and leisure. As there is a huge interest in travel insurance, AIG comes with a complete coverage policy for its customers that features the catchy tagline, that is “let us “Jaga” you on your trip”.

Moreover, for businesses, AIG has most certainly been actively offering a high-level risk management plan that’s generally connected to their demands. Be it extended warranty insurance, aerospace insurance, fronting, and captive services insurance, or perhaps trade credit insurance, corporate customers can tailor-make their unique subscription plan with AIG to prevent both over insurance and underinsurance.

The thought to offer a customizable plan is attributable to AIG’s thinking that different businesses from various sectors, such as those involved with education, professions, hospitality & leisure, import & export, communications, or media & technology industry, have different risk management needs. Aside from that, they’re aware scale matters, and therefore AIG has also delivered SME Package to aid protect small businesses with an economical subscription plan.

Through AIG Malaysia’s website, individuals and corporations can get information on the support offered along with having a quote upon providing relevant information. Depending upon their requirements, customers could perhaps ask for a private meeting with nearby agents and more for much more information regarding AIG’s product or service.

Recently, AIG Malaysia proceeded to go the extra mile to embrace e-commerce since they make their insurance subscription offered on Lazada Malaysia. That should ultimately bring convenience to subscribers as they can have their insurance activated within just 72 hours, and it’s also perceived as a good method of reaching out to the prospective audience electronically.

Protect your vehicle with the best car insurance Malaysia from AIG Malaysia now!

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Everything About E-Cigarettes

Precisely What Are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are electronic vaporizers that stimulate the action of smoking. Often, it is looked like a better option against the traditional cigarette because there is no tobacco burning or smoke production involved. E-cigs tend to be a relatively recent introduction within the nicotine market, so countries everywhere are still regulating it.

The Invention Of The E-Cigarette

In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the initial commercially successful e-cigarette in Beijing, China. His invention operates by heating the flavored solution into vapor which the user will inhale. Today, modern-day e-cigs with similar designs are found all around the world. Brands like NanoSTIX has also made e-cigs accessible for users.

E-cigarettes in the Cultural Zeitgeist

Since its introduction in 2003, the popularity of e-cigarettes has been rapidly increasing globally. In 2012, there was a sharp rise of vapers with youths and young adults as the most common users. The reason behind the gaining popularity of e-cigarettes is the belief that it aids in smoking cessation, and it is safer than traditional cigarettes.


There’s an E-cigarette for Everyone

These days, vape users are spoiled with choices with the wide selection of e-cigarette types. Sub-ohm kits, pod kits, and starter kits are some of the e-cigarettes available in the market. This allows e-cig users to purchase any products that suit their needs. For instance, NanoSTIX is perfect for a person that prefers lightweight vape pens.

The Usage Of A Vape Pen

Each brand may have varying designs but the core components of a vape pen include rechargeable batteries, liquid cartridges, a steel body, a heating element, and the electronic circuit. To vape with a pen, the user breathes through the mouthpiece, activating the heating element that converts the liquid into an aerosol. This vapor becomes inhalable by the user.

Why Do People Vape?

There are several reasons for vaping, the most common being to quit smoking. Some may view sampling and experiment with e-juice flavors from NanoSTIX as a fun pastime. Others may just do it to relax. Finding community and belonging is also a factor of why some people vape. For a lot of users, vaping has been adopted as a lifestyle.

Risks of Using E-cigarettes

Health risks of e-cigarettes have sparked a running debate: are they better than tobacco cigarettes? A widespread claim is that it does not contain harmful substances found in cigarettes like tar. This makes it a better option for smokers trying to kick the habit. Nevertheless, there is not enough research to support or dismiss this claim.

How Are Countries Regulating E-cigarettes?

The regulation of e-cigarettes differs from country to country. For example, countries such as Japan and Thailand have completely banned e-cigarettes, while other countries have no regulations. In Malaysia, although it is prohibited to advertise e-cigs, the use of e-cigarettes isn’t illegal. The Malaysian government also plans to introduce stricter regulations in the future.

The Future Of E-cigarettes

E-cigarettes have a mixed reputation in today’s society. However, the number of e-cigarette users in the world has increased even with the bad rep it gets. For many former smokers, e-cigarettes help break the habit of smoking. NanoSTIX can also help you quit smoking. Click on to learn more.

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Everything About Great Eastern Takaful

Great Eastern Takaful Today

Great Eastern Takaful was launched as an effective subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings in 2010. You can buy a range of insurance products, supplying you with the life insurance policy and protection that is required over your life. Along with their effective approach and service, Great Eastern Takaful has won awards such as ‘Best Takaful Kesihatan Operator’ and ‘Best New Islamic Institution.’

Why Would You Get Insurance?

Purchasing insurance coverage is essential as an uncertain future can be very risky. Insurance enables you one step ahead, making sure that you’re prepared for anything. Whether it’s a hospital bill, an accident or maybe an education fund, getting insured delivers a unique solution and opportunity to support yourself financially.

Protection For Your Very Own Family

Do you find yourself interested in preserving you and the family’s future? Great Eastern Takaful’s insurance products are sure to offer protection and secure your family’s wellbeing. In addition to their medical insurance products and education plans, you’ll never have to bother about your son or daughter as they chase their dreams. Be prepared for any life events with Great Eastern Takaful!

Great Eastern Takaful

The power of Business Insurance

Start your takaful journey with Great Eastern Takaful! Seek the counsel of our agents at the branch therefore they could pre-plan the insurance coverage plan that will suit you and the needs. When you need to generate a claim, all you need to do is take along every document employing the filled forms you’ve printed from our website and give them over at the nearest branch.

About Takaful Insurance

Takaful is a kind of insurance devised to comply with the Shariah laws, by which funds are pooled and invested. By using a concept of mutuality, the participants’ capital fund could be dedicated to Shariah-compliant investments. One of the keys characteristics is it is free of charge from riba (interest), uncertainty (gahar) and speculation (maysir).

How’s Takaful Not The Same As Coventional Insurance?

Conventional insurance is different from takaful insurance in a few ways. It’s generally based on commercial factors and is put through the federal government law. It is riskier since it involves interest, uncertainties, and speculation. Takaful insurance provides more secure and stable solutions for folks, families, organizations, and businesses.

Earmarks Of Takaful Insurance

Purchasing takaful insurance carries a few benefits. As participants, unclaimed funds and profit constructed from investments will probably be distributed as mudharabah payments. The quantity is provided according to an understanding that has been made between the whole set of participants. Posted on 100 blogs to investments and insurance plans is why takaful is indeed appealing.

How Should I Get Involved With Takaful?

With Great Eastern Takaful, all you have to bring on by start your takaful journey basically by getting in contact with our agents over at our branches. Our agents are dedicated to prioritizing both you and your needs first. To make a claim, Great Eastern Takaful’s process begins online as you’re in a position to fill up forms online before handing on them to the nearest branch.

Let Great Eastern Takaful Protect Your Future

Takaful Insurance coverage is a good strategy to put money into you and your family’s future and protection. It offers superior flexibility and mutuality that a majority of commercial insurances can’t. With the simplicity of application and claiming funds, Great Eastern Takaful is the ideal choice for someone to start your takaful insurance for your self, family, and business.

Protect yourself with takaful kesihatan from Great Eastern Takaful now!

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How Emperikal Can Deliver Your Enterprise Performance

A way to achieve success via the internet with digital marketing in Malaysia

Emperikal: helping corporations grow in Malaysia

Within the last decade, you will find a big surge in the industry of digital marketing agency Kuala Lumpur. The value of featuring a business’s online presence has become apparent for almost all enterprises of all sorts and sizes. Not exclusively by commercials but by a lot of other practices as in mobile and video advertising. To achieve it properly, leave this to the experts and consider hiring an agency for your online marketing.

Emperikal is amongst the few agencies which aren’t surprised at the evolving trend. Malaysians coming from the ages of 12 to 60 years old, are continually browsing online, thanks to the disruption with the world wide web being made accessible and economical around the globe. Examples of a highly regarded marketing agency in Malaysia in particular Emperikal, understand the digital landscape and may deliver meaningful business impact towards a business’s web marketing strategy. Emperikal, a respected full-service digital marketing agency in Malaysia is a great solution for your specific company needs. You can obtain unparalleled ways to access world-class marketing resources you can find at its other sister agencies.In fact, you will not have trouble to employ the help of a marketing agency in Malaysia. However, not all marketing agencies are created equal. Emperikal consistently tops its competitors as a consequence of it’s data-driven method of helping brands improve their online visibility. Emperikal has established itself and also has develop a well-known brand name as a reputable digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

This marketing agency distinguishes itself from numerous others through giving the whole package of digital marketing services. This offers them the ability to work effective and efficient for businesses of any size. Due to this, the business has worked alongside many global firms around South-East Asia.


To dominate the world wide web various search engines, an adequate content strategy ought to go far. As perhaps you might have known at this stage, Google places an enormously high value on content quality with regard to ranking the varying webpages. The thin article is a no-no. When you have your quality content into position, how will you make sure people will find your website from Google? That usually where SEO becomes crucial. Our agency gives the best SEO packages in Malaysia in order to improve your website’s visibility inside of the major internet search engines.

Another most-sought after digital service in Malaysia, is pay per click. In ppc there are lots digital advertising disciplines including programmatic and display. Companies that want an assured return of investment, will pick paid marketing and only the very best agencies possess the experience and confidence to get returns along the allocated budget. Emperikal are notoriously recognized to achieve business results in performance-based marketing methods.

For social media marketing in Malaysia that transforms your brand right into a viral overnight sensation, Emperikal knows simply the secret! By continuing to keep up-to-date with all the current latest social networks fads to keep your brand relevant with today’s audience, Emperikal ensures your social media marketing campaigns achieves its set targets. The employees currently manages many of the biggest companies on the market such as Spotify, iFlix, Warrior and Abbott Nutrition to name a few.

For an award-winning website that is distinct, eye-catching and mobile-responsive; this agency’s web development in Malaysia is second to none. By having an experienced team capable of building in various languages for both front and backend, your site will certainly standout particularly with the magic of the website design team too. Renowned also for their web design in Malaysia, clients have benefitted with the creativity that literally brings their brand alive.

As mentioned previously, online marketing gives an ultimate benefit that traditional marketing doesn’t provide so easily. This is measurement of performance. Through tracking tools just like Google Analytics, data analysis provides valuable insights for businesses to produce better judgement regarding their next strategy. The analytics team at Emperikal are professionally trained and certified to recommend changes for garnering more conversions, which can include changes to UX design and UI for encouraging the preferred action from a customer on your own site.

Overall, the impressive set-up at Emperikal has allowed businesses to thrive through the help of Emperikal’s talented organization. A great deal of work has been put in their recruitment strategy which has seen a considerable number of gifted and experienced individuals join the popular agency. For possibilities to become a member of this multinational company, keep an eye out for any available digital marketing jobs to grasp the secrets behind their capability to provide meaningful results.

Help your business rise with the best digital marketing agency Kuala Lumpur @ Emperikal or drop to our office at for more info.