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All You Should Be Aware Of With E-cigarettes

An overview of E-cigs

E-cigarettes, typically known as e-cigs, are battery-powered vaporisers for the exact purpose to simulate the feeling of smoking. perceived as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, precisely as it does not burn tobacco or produce smoke. As e-cigarettes are fairly recent in the marketplace, countries everywhere around the world are nevertheless in the process of regulating it.

The Invention Of The E-Cigarette

In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the first commercially successful e-cigarette in Beijing, China. His invention functions by heating the flavoured solution into vapour which the user will inhale. Today, modern-day e-cigs with similar designs are found all around the globe. Brands like NanoSTIX has also made e-cigs obtainable for users.

How Popular Is E-cigarettes?

Years after Hon Lik’s success, e-cigarettes have gained massive popularity globally. The significant rise in vape users started in 2012, and the vaping community continues to grow today. Youths and young adults are the main customers for e-cigarettes, and there’s an ongoing belief that e-cigs are a better alternative to traditional cigarettes.


E-cigarette Types Available Today

These days, vape users are spoiled with choices with the wide selection of e-cigarette types. Sub-ohm kits, pod kits and starter kits are some of the e-cigarettes available in the market. This allows e-cig users to purchase any products that suit their needs. For instance, NanoSTIX is perfect for a person that prefers lightweight vape pens.

Using A Vape Pen

The basic structure of vape pens includes rechargeable batteries, vape cartridges, lightweight casings and a heating element. To vape, a user activates the heating element by breathing through the mouthpiece that converts the liquid into vapour which the user will inhale. Brands like NanoSTIX also provide flavoured liquid such as lemonade and orange.

Reasons For Vaping

There are several reasons for vaping, the most common being to quit smoking. Some may view sampling and experiment with e-juice flavours from NanoSTIX as a fun pastime. Others may just do it to relax. Finding community and belonging is also a factor of why some people vape. For a lot of users, vaping has been adopted as a lifestyle.

Risks of Using E-cigarettes

There is not a lot of information about how e-cigarette affects our health, and there is a belief that e-cigs are healthier than traditional cigarettes floating around. Whether e-cigarettes is harmful or has more toxic chemicals than conventional cigarettes, there is not enough research to confirm this belief. The debate about the risks of e-cigarettes is ongoing.

Regulating E-cigarettes Around The World

Regulation policies of e-cigarettes are dependent on the respective countries. For instance, Japan and Thailand are some countries that have entirely banned e-cigarettes, while other states have no laws against it. In Malaysia, the usage is not outlawed, but advertising e-cigarettes is prohibited. The Malaysian government may do plans to introduce stricter regulations.

What Lies In Store For E-cigarettes?

E-cigarette usage is on a rapid global rise. Even with its mixed reputation, their popularity is growing among smokers who are trying to wean off the habit. Looking to quit smoking? Learn about how NanoSTIX could help you here

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Kita @ Cybersouth Is LBS Bina’s Exciting Project

Property In Malaysia: A Short Overview.

From landed units, pangsapuri perkhidmatan to high-rise buildings, properties are on the rise in Malaysia. What begun as necessities to reside, Malaysia’s housing market is booming and flourishing. To assist this, authorities and banks offer loans, subsidies together with other financial aids so Malaysians will get their perfect home.

LBS Bina: Not Only A Developer.

Since LBS listing in Bursa Malaysia in 2002, they’ve got a perception to become a worldwide developer optimizing neighbourhood coping with fantastic spaces. LBS’ projects include residences, stores units, including travel and leisure. For their spectacular perform, they also have acquired various awards and outcomes like Malaysia Property Awards and Top 10 Developers in Malaysia.

Terrace Houses For Malaysian Families.

LBS’ project Kita @ Cyberhouse includes terrace houses like Kita Bayu and Kita Harmoni. They are double-storey and feature four bedrooms and three bathrooms in a 1447 sq ft home. Families will seek Kita Bayu and Kita Harmony the perfect home. With ample living space and room, good familial ties could be constructed in this development.

LBS Cybersouth

Townhouses At Kita @ Cybersouth

Kita Bayu is, besides, the townhouses the Kita @ Cybersouth development. Both tops, as well as the bottom unit, fit three bedrooms and two bathrooms each, so they are perfect for cosy and classy experiencing. The top unit features a balcony so tenants could relax with a view of an idyllic township.

Kita Impian Serviced Apartments In Cybersouth

Kita @ Cybersouth’s serviced apartments, Kita Impian is high-rise property with a gross built-up of 551 sq ft & 901 sq ft. These apartments incorporate conveniences similar to physical exercise decks, pools, gym or a futsal court. Amenities make Kita Impian an invaluable alternative for young Malaysians which have been searching for a house.

Placed Smartly In Greater Klang Valley.

There are various advantages to residing in a strategic area like Cybersouth. Located in Dengkil, the townships closeness to Putrajaya and Cyberjaya signifies that neighbourhoods could quickly gain access to shopping malls, government services, schools and hospitals. These features will boost the community in Cybersouth even more. Kita @ Cybersouth is a private and guarded township sited on Malay reserved land totalling about 633 acres. This development consisting of commercial and residential units, is set to serve Malaysian families and communities to build everlasting memories through LBS’ dedication towards quality and imaginative spaces.

Understand More About Other LBS Developments.

Pay attention to several other LSB projects in the Klang Valley. SkyLane Residences is a high-rise lakeside project that offers both residential and commercial units. LBS Alam Perdana being built by LSB is the area’s next critical development. At Bandar Saujana Putra, LSB is focused on facilitating community building and convenience.

Live In Kita @ Cybersouth

Are you looking for a great town to live in? Kita @ Cybersouth by LBS is strategically placed in Dengkil with distinct offerings of housing options such as pangsapuri perkhidmatan. There’s always something for everyone within the Cybersouth community. If you are fascinated, uncover more about it at

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Complete Insurance Services by AIG Malaysia

Learn AIG Malaysia Up-to-date Insurance Offering

AIG Malaysia continues to be actively serving the country with comprehensive home insurance Malaysia & risk management solutions based on their individual & small business needs since 1953. Presently, they have a large workforce including keen brokers and agents operating in as a minimum of 15 offices nationwide with the primary objective to assist clients up to the maximum degree of care.

It knows that absolutely nothing more critical than protection and assurance when confronted with the uncertain future, AIG Malaysia provides several solutions which are beneficial to both personal and business needs.

For men and women, getting a car and a property is a very scary thing without the right insurance policy. Because of the importance, the Government of Malaysia has even made insurance subscription mandatory in order to ensure the citizen is getting ready to protect their assets in the eventuality of misfortunes. From this, AIG Malaysia offers car insurance policies & home insurance plan which includes comprehensive coverage.

AIG Malaysia

Nevertheless, to protect your well being would be the ultimate necessity. Due to this, AIG and its particular agents have always been working to help increase awareness of the need for medical health insurance. This effort seems to be fruitful, given that the statistics of health insurance and personal accident insurance subscription continues to be showing significant growth.

Considering that the needs of businesses in risk management, an intricate program’s offered. AIG covers liability insurance, fronting and captive services related insurance, trade credit insurance, and in many cases, group employee benefits insurance. Enterprises can protect their businesses much better aided by the flexible plan, which usually can be tailored onto their actual needs.

Businesses from manufacturing, financial institutions, transportations, import & export, retail, as well as media & technology sector can eventually really benefit from this custom-made plan. Nevertheless, there has never been an oversight around the needs of SMEs. Understanding small establishments will require protection too, AIG has therefore created SME Package to interested businesses.

Hence, companies, as well as people that are interested in subscribing to any type of insurance policies from AIG, will be able to be given a quote through their site. On top of that, customers may well check out the listing of authorized agents within their residing place to be given a more personal service.

Taking innovation in marketing to another level, AIG Malaysia has now worked along with Lazada to present online home insurance Malaysia purchase within their partner’s platform. With the way, customers can have a more friendly online shopping experience for his or her insurance policy will be approved in a matter of 3 days upon successful purchase and registration.