3 Ways to Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life!

Smartphones have become essential tools in our lives and that means batteries are expected to last longer. Newer models like this Vivo new phone have an ample battery capacity of 5000mAh so you don’t have to worry about running out. However, with poor practice and carelessness, you may deplete the battery’s longevity faster than usual. Here are three ways to prevent that. 

Don’t let your phone battery run out!

If you’re already running low, don’t wait until your phone battery drops to 0% to charge it. Draining your phone battery completely could decrease the battery’s longevity, making it harder for it to retain a full charge properly. The best step to charge your phone is to start charging it before it drops lower than 10%. 

vivo new phone - vivo Malaysia

Leave it to charge on its own

It’s a practice that you often see in many phone users. They plug their phone to charge and continue to use it while it’s charging. Whether it’s from a power outlet or a portable battery pack, using the phone while it’s charging will cause it overheat and damage the battery. It’ll deplete the capacity in the long run and increases the risk of an accident to happen! Best thing to do is just plug your phone and leave it alone to charge. 

Avoid idle charging

Charging overnight or in a cradle during the day is a very common habit, but it’s actually not recommended. Continuous trickle charging of a full battery can lead to possible system-wide malfunctions and reboots due to reduced stability. It  also creates excess heat caused by wasted power dissipation which in turn could damage the battery. Practice unplugging once you’ve got to a sufficient charge or 100%. 


A phone’s battery life is really important to maintain. Poor practice and bad battery life habits could seriously compromise your whole phone. Check out this phone here https://www.vivo.com/my/products/y15 which has ample battery capacity so there’s lesser tendencies to practice bad battery charging habits!

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