Bad Driving Habits Malaysians Need to Get Rid Of

Although the number of traffic fatalities in 2018 dropped as much as 6.3% compared to 2017, Malaysian roads are far from safe. Unlike our neighbouring country Singapore, our country suffers from drivers with bad driving habits that endanger the lives of everyone on the road.

It is time for Malaysians to realise that their reckless actions on the road have severe consequences. One simple mistake can mean life and death when you’re driving, and no car insurance can bring you back to life if you decide to put it in danger.

Here are some bad driving habits that Malaysian drivers need to get rid of:

Disobeying the traffic light

Although it is common sense to stop at red, go at the green and slow down at the amber, not all Malaysians follow the traffic light rules. Sometimes, some drivers might even take it as a challenge to speed up before the lights turn red.

Not only it is running past a red light a traffic offense, but it also endangers the lives of everyone on the road. You could easily collide with another car from another direction and get involved in a car crash.

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Double parking

You can see this habit in action near shop lot areas or anywhere near a bank. Malaysians seem to accept this parking behaviour as long as you leave your phone number at the windscreen, but it’s actually illegal.

Leaving your vehicle behind parked cars causes congestion even if it’s only for a moment. You’re also making it difficult for the person caught between your car, as they have to wait for you to move your vehicle.

Stopping at the box junction

More commonly known as the ‘yellow box’ by Malaysians, the box junction is designed to prevent congestion at junctions. Vehicles are not supposed to enter the area in box junctions until the exit is clear.

However, many Malaysians often don’t care about the yellow square with a criss-cross grid. Stopping at a junction can cause massive congestion, and you definitely feel the angry stares of other drivers at you.

Using the emergency lane

During festive holidays like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya, you can spot Malaysian drivers using the emergency lane. They will take the risk of getting caught by the police if it means cutting the queue and saving some time.

Unless there is a real emergency, you have no excuse to park or drive on the emergency lane. If you are caught misusing it, you can be fined up to RM20,000 or end up to six months in jail.


There are much more bad driving habits that Malaysian driver has that we shouldn’t be proud of. Instead, we should obey traffic laws to ensure everyone’s safety.

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