Bad Eating Habits That Will Ruin Your Child’s Health

It is a parents’ responsibility to prepare a diet with balanced nutrition for their kids. It is to ensure a child’s growth and development and to prevent them from getting sick or malnourished. However, there are bad eating habits that your child may have that can undo the effects of a healthy diet.

Here are some bad eating habits you need to break if your children displays them:

Skipping breakfast

It isn’t uncommon for people to skip breakfast, young or old. The excuse for missing breakfast is that you’re too busy getting ready for school or work, and there’s no time to eat.

However, skipping the most important meal of the day will affect your child’s blood sugar and energy levels negatively. Your child may also feel famished by lunchtime and eat more, leading to weight-gaining issues.

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Mindless snacking

Even if you have three meals a day, the thought of snacking can be tempting. It’s the same for children who are always asking to snack at random times of the day.

You shouldn’t encourage this unhealthy habit as your child may not be hungry enough for proper meals. It may also lead to obesity in the future.

Eating kids’ food

Macaroni and cheese, pizzas and burgers are always on the kids’ menu as every child loves them. However, they’re not part of a balanced diet, and your child may become a picky eater if you always feed them these options.

Always feed new types of food to your child. Give them opportunities to try new textures and flavours as much as you can, and they will learn to accept new foods.

Bribery and negotiation

Every parent is guilty of this: negotiating with your child one more bite of their meal in exchange for dessert. Sometimes, it’s necessary to get them to eat their food, but kids will learn ways to get things their way and avoid healthy choices.

Don’t give in to your children during a power struggle but offer healthy options instead.


Feeding your child may be a tough challenge especially if they’re a picky eater, but it’s crucial to make sure that they have healthy eating habits and follow a balanced diet.

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