There’s no doubt that employer branding plays an important role in talent acquisition. Not only it is an excellent way to reach talents, but it also motivates applicants to apply for jobs in your company on Jobstreet Phillippines.

With the importance of employer branding, it’s time to step up the game and improve your company’s reputation. If you’re still struggling in mastering your employer brand, no worries! Take these tips as a starting point:

Showing off flashy perks without understanding what people really want

Unique perks such as indoor rock climbing walls and free snacks are cool, but they’re easy tactics. Most of the time, candidates do enjoy these perks, but they’re hardly their top priority. Instead of attempting to impress candidates with crazy benefits, provide them with training and the opportunity to do meaningful work.

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Keeping benefits a secret

These days, job seekers perform research on everything, and that includes any information about the benefits your company may offer. However, not many companies out there are willing to share about employee benefits until an offer is provided. If your company is already offering attractive benefits, don’t hide it and tell the world!

Not highlighting the work of employees

You may want to tell candidates that your company is a great place to work, but who will believe it if your employees are not the ones saying it? Candidates want to know who they’re going to work with and what they do for a living. Most companies don’t realise the power of sharing the everyday lives of the current employees, as it produces a company culture that can be attractive to many job seekers.


Maintaining a positive employer brand is crucial because not only does it attract talents, but it also represents your company’s image. Having an excellent employer branding is always worth it so don’t make these mistakes to compromise it!

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When a candidate applies for your company on Jobstreet Singapore with an excellent resume, nailed the interview and fit your company culture, it’s only logical to hire them, right?

However, things don’t always work out the way we want. Sometimes, candidates turn your offer down. What should you do then? Is there something wrong with your hiring process?

Examine your hiring process

If candidates are always rejecting your offers, maybe it’s time to reevaluate your system. Is your recruiting process too complicated? Did the candidates have a bad experience during the interview? Did you give enough information about the work culture to the candidate?

While you are interviewing candidates, candidates are also interviewing you and your company. If you give them a reason to dislike your company, they’re going to reject your offer, even if the interview went well.

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Hit the ground running, or wait

If your ideal candidate rejects your offer, chances are you’ve already rejected other great candidates. You can try communicating with the rejected candidates, but you have to make sure to be quick, as they can move on to other opportunities.

But you can also choose to wait. If other candidates don’t attract your attention and there’s no urgency to fill the seat, there’s no need to rush the process. It’s crucial to remember to never hire an underqualified candidate just to fill a vacancy.

Don’t take it personally

Just like how candidates face rejections, recruiters also go through the same thing. You shouldn’t take things too personally, as it’s business after all. When a candidate rejects you, remember that it isn’t always your fault or mean that you’re not doing your job well.


Regardless of what happens, a candidate’s rejection isn’t the end of the world. There are still chances of finding an ideal candidate. Be patient and keep going.

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