Comprehensive Insurance Offerings by AIG Malaysia

Discover AIG Malaysia’s Latest Insurance Offering

Since 1953, AIG has long been operating in Malaysia by providing premier insurance & risk management products and solutions for corporations and persons. After around 60 years functioning with 15 offices nationwide, AIG Malaysia is still consistently delivering quality products and services to customers. This is exactly all possible all due to the contribution of their very own good-sized network of agents, brokers, and schemes.

A life or business without insurance up against the uncertain future may possibly be frightening for everyone and businesses. To deliver both different types of customers a reassurance, AIG Malaysia has formulated kinds of offerings that would satisfy their desires.

Getting a vehicle or perhaps house can be worrying without comprehensive insurance coverage to safeguard them in the case of accidents. Even the government has rendered insurance purchases necessary for every private and commercial property owned. To ensure that the purchasers can have the most out of their purchased plan, AIG supplies a fast and quality plan to all types of clients in the case of insurance claims.


Setting real estate aside, personal health and wellbeing is in addition another aspect individuals should give full attention to. In this aspect, educating the persons in regards to the worth of a medical insurance will be the real challenge. Nevertheless, this does not stop AIG’s agents from making effort to lift awareness. Now, their effort has started to indicate some positive outcome, as being the number of personal medical insurance plan purchased by the Malaysian citizen grow tremendously every succeeding year.

AIG comes with a corporate risk management program which happens to be specially crafted to fulfill demands from businesses and organizations. From casualty insurance to marine insurance, extended warranty insurance, and international business affiliated insurance, companies may have a tailored subscription plan that can be sufficient to cover them from the threat of losses throughout the operation.

Businesses from manufacturing, financial institutions, transportations, import & export, retail, or possibly the media & technology sector can eventually enjoy this custom-made plan. Nevertheless, there’s never been an oversight within the needs of SMEs. Knowing that small companies will ultimately require protection too, AIG has therefore offered SME Package to interested businesses.

Hence, individuals and firms who are keen to subscribe to AIG Malaysia’s protection plan can click on the website to inquire about an insurance quote. Once they require more personal assistance, customers will be able to get information regarding agents operating out of nearby locale and get a scheduled visit set.

Taking innovation in marketing to a higher level, AIG Malaysia has now worked alongside Lazada to provide online insurance purchase in their partner’s platform. With way, customers have a more friendly internet shopping experience because their insurance protection are usually approved around three days upon successful purchase and registration.

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