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Great Eastern Takaful Today

Great Eastern Takaful was launched as an effective subsidiary of Great Eastern Holdings in 2010. You can buy a range of insurance products, supplying you with the life insurance policy and protection that is required over your life. Along with their effective approach and service, Great Eastern Takaful has won awards such as ‘Best Takaful Kesihatan Operator’ and ‘Best New Islamic Institution.’

Why Would You Get Insurance?

Purchasing insurance coverage is essential as an uncertain future can be very risky. Insurance enables you one step ahead, making sure that you’re prepared for anything. Whether it’s a hospital bill, an accident or maybe an education fund, getting insured delivers a unique solution and opportunity to support yourself financially.

Protection For Your Very Own Family

Do you find yourself interested in preserving you and the family’s future? Great Eastern Takaful’s insurance products are sure to offer protection and secure your family’s wellbeing. In addition to their medical insurance products and education plans, you’ll never have to bother about your son or daughter as they chase their dreams. Be prepared for any life events with Great Eastern Takaful!

Great Eastern Takaful

The power of Business Insurance

Start your takaful journey with Great Eastern Takaful! Seek the counsel of our agents at the branch therefore they could pre-plan the insurance coverage plan that will suit you and the needs. When you need to generate a claim, all you need to do is take along every document employing the filled forms you’ve printed from our website and give them over at the nearest branch.

About Takaful Insurance

Takaful is a kind of insurance devised to comply with the Shariah laws, by which funds are pooled and invested. By using a concept of mutuality, the participants’ capital fund could be dedicated to Shariah-compliant investments. One of the keys characteristics is it is free of charge from riba (interest), uncertainty (gahar) and speculation (maysir).

How’s Takaful Not The Same As Coventional Insurance?

Conventional insurance is different from takaful insurance in a few ways. It’s generally based on commercial factors and is put through the federal government law. It is riskier since it involves interest, uncertainties, and speculation. Takaful insurance provides more secure and stable solutions for folks, families, organizations, and businesses.

Earmarks Of Takaful Insurance

Purchasing takaful insurance carries a few benefits. As participants, unclaimed funds and profit constructed from investments will probably be distributed as mudharabah payments. The quantity is provided according to an understanding that has been made between the whole set of participants. Posted on 100 blogs to investments and insurance plans is why takaful is indeed appealing.

How Should I Get Involved With Takaful?

With Great Eastern Takaful, all you have to bring on by start your takaful journey basically by getting in contact with our agents over at our branches. Our agents are dedicated to prioritizing both you and your needs first. To make a claim, Great Eastern Takaful’s process begins online as you’re in a position to fill up forms online before handing on them to the nearest branch.

Let Great Eastern Takaful Protect Your Future

Takaful Insurance coverage is a good strategy to put money into you and your family’s future and protection. It offers superior flexibility and mutuality that a majority of commercial insurances can’t. With the simplicity of application and claiming funds, Great Eastern Takaful is the ideal choice for someone to start your takaful insurance for your self, family, and business.

Protect yourself with takaful kesihatan from Great Eastern Takaful now!

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