Have a Family? Here’s Why SUV Cars are Perfect for You

Driving around a partner, a set of loud kids on top of their items and belongings can be quite stressful if you’re doing it in a sedan. This is the reason why many families are pivoting towards SUV cars. They’re a significant upgrade that’s more spacious, versatile and safer. It’s why we love them! Here’s why you should consider an SUV if you have a family.

1. Spacious interior

Ever encountered a situation where all your children had to cram into the passenger seats of your car? Those days are long gone with an SUV. Usually built as a 7-seater, SUVs are great for long rides since it offers more space than the usual sedan. The seats are plush and comfortable, so you’ll never have to worry about complaints from your kids anymore! SUVs also generally have better legroom, which is a great bonus.

2. Flexible cargo space

SUV cars perodua

SUV’s are bigger cars, so they’re capable of holding more cargo than a hatchback or sedan. On top of that, the foldable split-rear seats make your cargo space more flexible. This means even if you have a longer item to transport, you could just fold the rear seat and accommodate to the item without compromising safety or passenger seating. This feature makes it great for carrying regular groceries or furniture after a trip to IKEA.

3. Built-in entertainment

Newer cars have a great multimedia setup. Gone are the days where the only in-car entertainment is limited to music from the radio. Some SUV even have built-in screens at the back of headrests, making the riding experience even more fun for little ones. This would go a long way when you are driving multiple young kids for a while. 


If you’re looking for a vehicle upgrade, consider getting an SUV for yourself and your family. These cars usually have a bold and dynamic design that would definitely turn heads while you’re on the road. Not only that, it does not compromise on the utility side, making it a great choice all around. Have a look at a locally manufactured SUV here http://www.perodua.com.my/ourcars/aruz

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