Healthy Smartphone Habits For You and Your Family

Everyone, young and old, uses smartphones these days. Grandpas and grandmas finally learned to text their grandchildren, and even toddlers have their own Facebook page. Phone providers are also making it easier to connect with family members using postpaid family plans.

Although it’s great to keep up with the times, unhealthy smartphone habits such as using phones during mealtime aren’t good for the health of you and your family. However, how do you limit the smartphone usage in your family without causing behavioural issues and intimacy problems?  

Check out these tips in handling phone screen time for the family:

Have No Phone times

Similar to watching TV, you can’t glue yourself to the phone all day. Overusing phones, especially during bedtime, are known to cause sleeping problems and can hurt your eyes too. That is why you have to set time limits on smartphone use.

Avoid using phones during playtime or bedtime. You can also stop using the phone when all family members are together since there’s no need for it to communicate. Unplug as much as you can.

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Set No Phone zones too

There’s a time and place for everything, and it’s essential for your kids to understand this concept when using smartphones.

There should be absolutely no phones around the dinner table, after all, it’s time to eat and catch up with your family’s activities. Another area that can be a no phone zone is the bedroom, as that’s the place where you sleep and recharge, not your phone.

Switch off notifications

Some people compare constant notifications like a person that is always bothering you. Well, it’s not too far from the truth. Notifications can be invasive and really distracting, especially when you’re trying to spend time with your family. It can also be a form of addiction if someone is always excited and nervous, waiting to get a notification.

Learn to turn off notifications at certain times of the day and focus on the task in front of you. For example, if you’re having an anniversary meal with your partner at a restaurant you guys have booked six months in advance, I’m pretty sure those notifications can wait.

Lead by example

If you’re a parent, it’s easy to let power and authority over your kids to get over your head. However, limiting smartphone usage to your kids while you have all the fun can feel extremely unfair to them, and it will make you look like the bad guy. This method isn’t efficient at all.

It may take some time to get used to it, but you have to stop glueing yourself to your smartphone too. If you can set yourself as an example to your kids, how do you expect for them to learn?


Just because you want to instil healthy smartphone habits in your family, doesn’t mean you have to get rid of phones entirely. It’s possible to keep up with the latest tech trends; you just need to do some compromising.

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