The Optimal Smartphone: Ways to Spot Them

Smartphone Features You Should Know Before Buying

If you’re reading this article, most likely your present smartphone is sluggish and always not having enough memory. Time for you ditch that old, faithful companion and have yourself a new smartphone. Honestly, it happens to be very hard to keep up-to-date when new smartphones pop up out there month-to-month. Before you get confused by the marketing gimmicks or loads of features that you never ever use, below are some pointers to consider.

Operating System. Fundamentally, there can be 3 main varieties of the operating systems, namely Android, iOS, including Microsoft. However, only iOS and Android are the prominent Operating system now. If you need an uncomplicated and easy-to-use interface, go for iOS. However, if you love to make tweaks and prefer a bigger choice of a brand – like Oppo, Vivo S1 Pro & more: use Android.

Screen Size. Nowadays, we use smartphones for more than just making a call. As a faster connection to the internet and far better quality of multimedia, we spend lots of time gazing at the screen to watch videos on Netflix or Youtube. This means a bigger display size to be convenient. For instance, smartphones like Vivo V7 Plus have a huge screen size you’ll like.


Another primary feature of your smartphone certainly is image quality. Do not simply focus on resolution. A 4K screen sounds great but is basically unnecessary on the smartphone. Way lower resolutions are fine since most people can’t observe the contrast between 1080p and 2K resolution on smartphones, not to say 4K. What’s more critical should be to look at the color quality as well as the brightness of the display, as this really influences the user experience.

Camera Performance. The primary rule about camera performance could be to neglect the megapixels. Instead, you need to be aware of other specifications much like the aperture and various special features. Some phones, like Vivo, get the best smartphone camera with dual-lens that can create stunning images. These are the basic types of features you truly want to give you a really perfect selfie.

Data Storage. Nowadays, a particular image may have a size of 2MB. Because of the number of pics and vids we take, and the applications and games installed, data storage capacity should not be taken lightly. So, be certain that you end up picking ones with not less than 32 GB of storage. Much better, also consider the ones that allow external Micro sd card insertion.

For a few, a very important feature on the smartphone would be the battery capacity. No individual desires to charge their phones two times a day or bring a transportable charger every day. If the battery capacity is very important for you, consider smartphones with a minimum of 3,000 mAh. Depending on how much you actually make use of a smartphone, 3,000 mAh should get you throughout the day.

Additional Features. Those above mentioned are normally what you must understand about a smartphone. However, given that you do not purchase a totally new smartphone every day (many individuals only buy it every few years), it would not hurt to take into account something with cool features, like Vivo’s dual camera phone, or anything with wireless charging. You’ll love them!

At the end of the day, it’s about what you would like on a smartphone. Smartphones are no longer a lavishness purchase simply because you can get yourself a low price smartphone easily. You will definitely get what you pay for. Having said that, those days are gone where smartphones belong solely to the upper-class society.

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