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Our Tale

Founded in 2020, The Vibes is Malaysia’s best and fastest growing online news portal. Being a program for those, the team aspires to offer the general public well-balanced and trustworthy information about the newest media every day #FromEverySide. With all the perspective to get the No.1 reports portal in Malaysia, we are on a mission to encourage a variety of home workout and encourage freedom of expression.

Neutral & Reliable: Malaysian Media #FromEverySide

Look into the ‘Malaysia’ sector for your latest troubles and testimonies taking place in the country.

The Vibes provide good quality, nicely-well-balanced reporting on neighbourhood affairs #FromEverySide, which helps Malaysians remain informed to generate healthier general public discourses. Buy your daily upgrades on Malaysia’s governmental improvement, economic issues and interpersonal troubles right here.

Enterprise Media #FromEverySide

Continue to be updated with household and international organization news about the Vibes’ ‘Business’ section. Our content provides observations into local business issues such as company mergers and stock trading overall performance. On the other hand, global enterprise reports supply information on international home equity markets and worldwide buy and sell. Make far better economic selections along with us nowadays.

The Vibes

Global Information

The Vibes’ ‘World’ portion contains the latest information on international issues, worldwide relationships and politics innovations worldwide. Keep yourself up-to-date on the newest governmental development and clinical progression in different countries around the world. Stay connected together with the Vibes’ to get a much better comprehension of international problems.

Tone of voice Your Opinions Easily

Discover numerous view content articles from your community, consider-tank organisations and industry experts in the ‘Opinion‘ segment. Investigate impartial viewpoints #FromEverySide for crucial and new views on national politics, science and traditions. Obtain unfettered sights that spark discussions and new suggestions, empowering Malaysians to express their views easily.

Sports News and Health and fitness Suggestions At Your Fingertips

Remain informed using the newest overseas sporting events and tournaments like hockey and football on our ‘Sports & Fitness’ portion. The segment also includes fitness and personal wellbeing strategies for viewers to steer a more healthy way of life. Learn about upper body routines and yoga presents that help to preserve your individual health.

Tradition & Way of life: Arts, Films and Textbooks

Get inspired with accounts about traditions structure, graphic artistry, movies and publications around the ‘Culture & Lifestyle’ segment. Find the latest events in well-liked traditions, artistry, and films, both locally and worldwide. If you are looking for fascinating routines, look into the numerous movie watchlists and music playlist, or experiment with the latest social networking tendencies.

A Information Platform For Those

Get breaking media and testimonies with unfettered thoughts about The Vibes #FromEverySide. Our team upholds the need for journalistic sincerity, transforming speak into action, advertising equality and diversity searching for the reality. Please help us provide reliable and impartial home workout details to inspire Malaysians to work optimally towards the Malaysia-creating.

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