Why Pick AIG Malaysia?

Insurance plans are a good investment with your long term. It might guard your family from crashes and losses through financial assist. Having its flexible and extensive plans, AIG Malaysia is not only one among Malaysia’s greatest insurance coverage firms, however it is also the best option for your insurance policy needs.

Should you be looking for the one particular-cease insurance policy agency that may protect all aspects in your life like healthy lifestyle, then consider using AIG Malaysia. AIG has residence, automobile, travel, and personal accident insurance coverage, which can be used to actually have a protect file backup program in case of unexpected accidents.

AIG’s Travel Insurance coverages are split up into three major branches: insurance plan for residential and overseas traveling and insurance coverage for college kids travelling international. All guidelines have health-related and personal automobile accident cover, therefore you don’t need to worry about experiencing unforeseen costs overseas.

healthy lifestyle

Some great benefits of your home insurance coverages offered by AIG include stability in case there is any disasters, financial help for choice overnight accommodation in case of a natural disaster or fireplace injuries your property. The insurance plan also provides 24/7 protection, nevertheless should you away at your workplace or on holiday.

Guard your automobile with AIG’s thorough auto insurance insurance policy. The plan’s positive aspects consist of our highway guidance service, which can help you alter your tyres, battery pack and help you in any mishaps. In the matter of vehicle harm, you will additionally be given a whole pay out-out.

Experiencing Personal Accident Insurance comes along with numerous advantages, such as a lump sum payment pay out on all accidents, as well as health care and hospitalisation advantages. AIG’s plans also lengthen to 24/7, globally protection, and the premium you will be needed to pay would depend only on the occupation and collection of prepare.

Permit yourself target the far more essential things in your life without being concerned in regards to the unexpected. AIG Malaysia’s insurance plans offer you a selection of alternatives and healthy lifestyle options, in order to choose which ones match you best. Read more about the options offered at https://www.aig.my/personal.

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